Created in partnership with Basil Safwat, Interface Designer.

Notch is a small e-ink display that subtly provides you with information that might influence your daily decisions. Think of it as a clock for displaying things other than time.

Glance-able data – minutes till your next bus, the chance of rain today, days till payday, new Twitter followers, number of Boris bikes available. The small passive display is an un-intelligent screen, simply showing whatever a clever system of APIs instructs it to. Any piece of data that is, or will eventually be, online can be displayed: locations, health status, bank details … without having to navigate through your phone or computer.

Notch has no backlight, blinking lights, or sounds. It won’t demand your attention or wake you up at night. It’s just there for you to glance at when you need it.

Basil Safwat

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